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SOS Kannerduerf takes care of children in distress and provides them with a safe environment (short and long stay) so that they can prepare and develop for a prosperous adult life.


The exhibition

In the context of their 50 years’ celebrations SOS Kannerduerf wished to communicate their work and services via a nomadic exhibition. The objective was to sensitize and inform, but also being able to incite people for support and fund-raising.

Nomadic exhibition to raise awareness and inform, but also to be able to encourage people to support and raise funds.

Together Julie Conrad Design Studio we developed a system that was flexible to transport, mount, unmount and place in various spaces and situations.


The graphic design and communication is straight forward and clear and adapted to the corporate image of the association.


Graphic design and concept

yellow ball in cooperation with

Julie Conrad Design Studio  



Lala La Photo

Karin Kirsch, Sos Kannerduerf


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