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On July 13 2023, the Ministry of Agriculture, Viticulture and Rural Development in Luxembourg, alongside Luxinnovation, ratified their inaugural three-year partnership agreement. This collaboration is designed to enhance the agri-food sector's competitiveness and sustainability, fostering innovation as a key driver. The agreement represents a commitment to facilitating digital transformation and fostering ties with research entities, thereby reinforcing the industry's robustness and ecological responsibility.

Yellow Ball takes immense pride in contributing to the process that led to this outcome.

The initial objective of the mission was to investigate, interpret, and suggest the potential design and prerequisites for a future agricultural innovation center in Luxembourg[1,2,3].
Through a joint co-creation process with about 40 professionals from local agriculture and food processing industries, several proposals were developed under our guidance.
One of yellow ball's recommendations made it clear that there was a great need for a good relationship between the food-industry and agriculture.
This capitalised in the further elaboration and development of the programme now presented in July.
This is part of the Luxembourg Strategic Plan for the Common Agricultural Policy and the PAN-Bio 2025 action plan.

References:[1] The future of food and agriculture: Trends and challenges  [2] Adoption of Technologies for Sustainable Farming Systems  [3] EN Horizon Europe Work Programme 2023-2024 12. Missions


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